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PGBET Recommends: BigWin29 - Free PHP 120 Bonus with No Deposit Required

PGBET has discovered a new online casino coming to the Philippines in 2023: BigWin29.

So why does PGBET recommend BigWin29? We've found that BigWin29 is a legal online casino with a PAGCOR license, signifying it's authorized by the Philippines Government.

Now, you might wonder why PGBET specifically recommends BigWin29

When there are many government-licensed online casinos. The answer is quite exciting. When you register to become a BigWin29 member and complete the KYC verification, you can receive a free PHP 120 bonus. What's even more remarkable is that this free PHP 120 bonus only has a 1X turnover requirement.

But here's the kicker: not only does BigWin29 offer a free PHP 120 bonus with a 1X turnover requirement, but there's also no withdrawal limit! This is unbelievably generous and hard to come by.

You might be thinking the KYC verification process is a bit of a hassle, but we believe it's entirely worth it.

Just think about it – a free PHP 120 bonus with a 1X turnover requirement and no withdrawal limit means that whatever you win, you can withdraw it!

Why can you trust BigWin29?

PGBET has seen numerous BigWin29 casinos in the Philippines, and they all have PAGCOR licenses. If you can't trust a casino like BigWin29, then who can you trust?

The Only Downside

It appears that BigWin29 is still relatively young, so there might not be a plethora of activities available at the moment. Nevertheless, it's still worth playing, especially for those who enjoy gaming without purchasing promotions.


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