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Regardless of what game it is, online games, competitive games, gambling games, almost everyone wants to win. Winning in a game not only brings you a happy time, but also brings you the joy of victory and the confidence of success. Perhaps some people say that the fun of the game lies in the process, but it cannot be denied that victory can indeed bring you more sense of accomplishment. However, no one can win 100% of the time in any game, so you must have the right concept to enjoy the good times that the game brings.

Right Concept

Survivorship Bias

You may have seen stories on the internet about how some people have won big prizes and changed their lives, telling people how easy it is to win the big prize, making everyone think it's an easy thing to do. But the reality is that these are just stories of a few successful people, and these people exist in a logical fallacy called "survivorship bias".

House Edge

Whether it is a physical casino or an online casino, there will always be a "house edge" present. The so-called house edge refers to how much money the house can win from how much money the player bets. In other words, if the player bets 100 dollars, and the player only gets back 97 dollars, it means the house wins 3 dollars, and the house edge is 3%, while the RTP (return to player) is 97%. Therefore, choosing an online casino with credibility, transparent house edge (or return to player), and guaranteed is especially important.

Note: House edge or RTP (return to player) is a result of large data statistics and does not mean that every person or every time they bet 100 dollars they will get back 97 dollars. FC178, based on data provided by the game provider, provides games with a return to player of 97%, which is trustworthy for players.

From the perspective of big data, players are unable to beat the house, but this is the result of long-term big data, not necessarily meaning that you will lose every time you play. For example, the American movie "21" is based on a true story novel, where the protagonist uses mathematical calculations to come up with a formula with a return to play of 105%, meaning that for every 100 dollars bet, the player can win 5 dollars. Through this method, the protagonist in the movie defeated various casinos in the US and earned a large amount of money.

Cost Consideration

Whether you are engaging in commercial investment or playing in a casino, you must know how to set your profit and stop-loss points. The profit point means that when you win 10% of your cost, you stop playing. Similarly, when you lose 20% of your cost, you stop betting and leave immediately, which is the stop-loss point.

The profit point is to ensure that you can avoid losing all the money in the next unpredictable situation. The stop-loss point is to avoid your losses exceeding expectations. Therefore, carefully evaluating and setting your own profit and stop-loss points is the wise choice of a smart person, and this method can bring you real wealth.

Conclusion Gambling can bring you the joy of playing and winning, as well as profits or losses, but please always remember that responsible gambling is what a truly wise person should do!

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