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Winner Winner Chicken Tonight - OKEBET168

How to play fishing games? Most important, how to make money? - OKEBET168

Winner Winner Chicken Tonight - OKEBET168

The principle of fishing machine game machine:

There are two possibilities for video games that will guarantee a win on the platform. OKEBET168 classifies the main points of fishing machines below.

One is the rake, which is the handling fee that the platform must charge when a player loses all points. This is called a rake.
One is controlled by the game's currency inventory, assuming the initial inventory of a machine is 1 million points

Player A wins 500,000 points, and the machine's inventory becomes 500,000 points. At this time, it is difficult for you to win money. Suppose player B loses another 2 million, and the machine inventory becomes 100-50+200 equal to 2.5 million.

At this time, you have a chance to win the lost money of player B in your hands, the problem is. Generally, there are N people playing on a machine, that is, what you win is not the money of the machine, but the money of the person next to you, so at this time, you should also observe some wins and losses. of the people next to you. If someone wins a lot of money, it is recommended that you take a break.

First of all, calm down and observe for a few hours, to see how many points can be obtained by shipping, and then consider what cannon to use. When others can shoot big fish, you can shoot big fish with small cannons, or shoot small fish with big cannons, and vice versa. Do it, to obey its laws
How to judge the sub-period of the fishing machine:

The fishing machine is divided into three periods, one feeding point, one spawning point and three leisure hours.

Eating in installments means that you have no one to fight against.
Leisure time is when you maintain a balance between winning and losing.
The spit stage is when you catch fish no matter what.

The most important thing is to observe, then try with a few small cannons, and then wait quietly. If you suddenly find that the fish are easier to hit, you may consider adding guns slowly at this time. If the fish are easier to hit for a certain period of time, you can consider turning on the firepower. When you see that the fish is not easy to hit, you can immediately change to small guns.

If you fish with the gun the same frequency, you will surely lose. So you have to understand the meaning of rhythm in it, and also forbid greed. If you win a certain amount, you should get points. I believe many people understand the truth of this, but when you actually play, you don't really care.
The mentality of playing fishing machines:

“Rational”, in fact, no matter what you do, it is very important to stay sober and stay sober. There are often people who want to win even if they win; and likes to back down when defeated.

OKEBET168 said that skills for a long time return to zero, because your heart is occupied by the demon of gambling. At this point you will lose all your money.

In fact, the fishing machine is a kind of entertainment, do not use it as a tool to win money. The fishing machine doesn't really have a trick.
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