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Terms and Conditions

play games on JILI178 app download
play games on JILI178 app download

To be PG178 members are able to play thousands of games, enjoy our service (herein referred to as “PG178”) and earn various promotions. Once the members complete the registration process. 


It means that he/she fully agrees to the rules and terms listed in the agreement, privacy protection rules, and website regular updates. Any violation of this agreement, will have the following consequences (deprivation of membership, account closure, confiscation of funds or other related legal proceedings).

  1. Terms Update
    PG178 has the right to add and revise terms. When the latest terms and conditions upload our website (herein referred to as “”), it will be effective immediately. Members should read our terms regularly to keep your rights.

  2. Governing Law
    Make sure it's allowed by the local government when members visit PG178 will not take responsibility for any illegal behavior.

  3. Registration, Access and Security

    1. Account holders must fill in correct personal information. The account will be frozen and the bonus will be confiscated once the identification is fake.

    2. Please notice, if you fill in incorrect info of your bank or gcash, it will result in your withdrawal request being rejected by the risking control system.

    3. PG178 has the right to verify the registration information. If any information changed, PG178 must be noticed immediately.

    4. Account holders are responsible for their own account, password, withdrawal password and other security information.

    5. One user only can apply one account on, PG178 will reject any application of account with duplicate profiles

  4. Privacy Statement
    PG178 highly cares about account privacy. Therefore, PG178 will not disclose , resell or reveal any account information before account holders confirm. PG178 will ask third-party seriously to follow this rule.

  5. Termination
    PG178 has the right to suspend or terminate the account if the account holder violates the terms of service or game regulations. PG178 will terminate the account and frozen the bonus( confiscation, retention or delay)

  6. Disputer Resolution
    Please contact PG178 or PG178  customer's service if any dispute (wrong result or incorrect bonus amount) is found. 

  7. Account Dormancy and Termination
    If account holder hasn’t deposit, withdrawal, transfer or bet within 6 months, PG178 has the right to frozen the account temporarily
    Account holder hasn’t login for more than 6 months, PG178 has the right to close account, handle the balance or reset the account.

  8. Bugs
    If there’s any bug, PG178 will fix it immediately. Account holder uses bugs or any illegal method to get credits, PG178 will notice the account holder and recover the credits and bonus.

  9. Disclaimer
    Due to the legality of online casinos hasn’t been clearly defined yet in the laws of regions and countries, account holders should take the risk in visiting online casino websites. PG178 is safe and reliable, there’s no computer virus on both PG178’s website and server. Please consider the risk before downloading any file from an unofficial website or unauthorized.

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