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Slot machine principle crack!

Crack the slot machines


JILI178 slot machine principle, slot machine anti-point value, slot machine pseudo original number, slot machine profitable, slot machine! Pay attention! This is a slot machine betting method for all online casinos! After reading this article, you will clearly understand the principle of slot machines, because all casino machines can apply a set of calculation principles, so ah! As long as you learn the principles, you will have a chance to get a high probability of profit!
Does the slot machine rebate amount matter?

If you press the start button every time you place chips and press the stop button the next second, the outcome of the slot machine game is doomed. What we know is that almost all slot machines have a rebate rate of more than 80%, but the details However, there is no way to know the setting, because this setting is related to the profit, business, and commercial secrets of entertainment city. In current slot machine games, 80%, 85%, 90%, and 95% rebate amounts can be set. Don't underestimate it. These rebate amounts, the rebate amounts of this slot machine are very influential to the players.

For example, suppose that 80% of the slot machines we play today mean that when we invest 100 yuan, the banker gets 20 yuan, and the remaining 80 yuan is returned to the players, that is, the player will definitely lose. money at the end of the bet, and as long as there are 5 consecutive cycles, the player's money will be left, so if you bet randomly without a strategy, you will definitely lose the slot machine in the end.
The design principle of the slot machine is cracked

Whether it is a physical casino or an online casino, the principle of slot machine design is single-line machine or multi-line machine. With these two as the main design principles, although the slot machine has different themes, appearance , but in the design of the main program of all slot machines, most of them use the pseudo-primary calculation method , and the so-called pseudo-primary slot machine calculation method is a calculation designed by using a random random algorithm in the slot machine. Fa, is it abstract? Let's take an example to illustrate this for you!

Example: suppose player A invested 1 yuan and did not win this round, while player B also invested 1 yuan but won this round. That is, in the same slot machine, we invested the same amount of Money, although both A and B are the first slot machine game of the day, but for the slot machine game machine, the chips invested by player B become the result of second slot game, called pseudo original number calculation method .
How to use the slot machine pseudo original number calculation method to earn money?

From the previous chapter, we will know that the pseudo original number calculation method is a generator of random number time results, and the calculation method of the pseudo original number calculation method is “time * number of rounds / multiple chips = result”, we can imagine that now we Press the stop button every 2 seconds, then in the fixed odd-numbered or even-numbered rounds, the benefits will be generated, that is , in the state of the chip multiplier we use, it may happen that 12 yuan is won, 18 yuan is not won, 10 yuan is won, 15 yuan is not won, etc. At this time, when the three condition values reach the main value of the slot machine, the probability of our players winning usually reaches 90% or even 100%. After reaching the standard value, there will continue to be 10% value of the slot machine design floating, and how we want to judge this floating value, we need to accumulate rich experience!
Conclusion of the slot machine money betting method

The principle design of JILI178 slot machine and slot machine looks complicated, but it is not that complicated. As long as we can find a set of slot machine tasks and processes, we can understand a set of formulas to make money betting. Almost every gambler has his own set of winning formulas for slot machines, and he is not easy to teach others or outflow strategies. At this time, if we also want to have our own set of slot machine making money betting methods, we have to do it ourselves. To break down the procedure, let's start with pam by understanding the principles mentioned above!
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