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The Guide for Playing Slot Machines

Let's play and kill the slot machines!


JILI178 slot machine is supposed to be an entertainment machine that no one knows and no one knows. What makes it attractive is that playing the slot machine is simple and does not require too much skill to be a big winner. Like today, with the abundance of the Internet, the online version of slot machines has been created. JILI178 has launched many slot machines with novel contents and different playing methods, including QT electronic slot machine, AE electronic slot machine, RTG electronic slot machine, PG electronic slot machine games, each slightly Slot machines are different, but what they have in common is that they still maintain the same characteristics of slot machines. Players can play happily by simply clicking to start spinning or adjusting the bet amount.

Since there are so many different types of slot machines, here's how to choose your own slot machine.

If you have played slot machines at JILI178, you will see that the gameplay seems different in different situations, and the extra bonus mechanism is different. In general, there are two main types:

Multiplier Rewards:

This is the most traditional reward method of the JILI178 slot machine. The complete connection is multiplied by 1 at the beginning. As long as there is a successful connection, it will be multiplied by 2, and the maximum will be multiplied by 3. If you continue to connect under the condition of multiplying 3 It will still be multiplied by 3, but as long as the delay does not continue to win, it will return to the original multiplication of 1. The method of calculating the reward is the simplest and best understood. In this way, the reward mechanism is easier to get the prize, and the maximum bonus limit is only 3 times.

Number of Free Spins:

If you prefer more exciting slot machines, it is recommended to play the free spins reward method, because if you can get a free bet amount, there may be additional rewards, full of surprises. Levels that usually have free spins usually tell the player how to get free spins. Of course, some levels can also be equipped with some so-called wild charms, that is, you can connect to other patterns at will, or reward methods with other conditions, such as free rewards that game, these are all players must play before playing. the game. See clearly, so as not to play confused.

The number of free spins will help you save on the cost of each bet, and it can also significantly increase the chance of winning a big prize. Of course, the higher the stake, the higher the prize and the chance to win more prizes.

In addition to the various methods of additional rewards, the main connection bonus calculation mechanism is also the scope of consideration. Generally, most spins stop, and a total of several lines are connected to calculate the bonus. In addition, for JILI178's AE electronic machine, it is a combination of elimination game and slot machine, which means that as long as there is a line connection, the line pattern will be eliminated, and then the pattern. will be lowered from above like a magic cube to fill the area. If there is a connection, you can eliminate it again, and you can get a bonus for each elimination. The latter can bring players various pleasures, but it seems that the performance is not as good as the number of free spins.
Tips for Eating Slots:

The bet amount changes over time, and the slot machine setting has powerful background code running. If the performance of a certain bet amount should not be very good, it is recommended to change the bet amount and interrupt the background program. Oh line.
Choose your preferred situation and theme. The casino provides many different situations and themes, playing slot machines and fighting for luck. If you choose a theme you can't play, your luck shouldn't be any better. Choosing a theme and screen that you like to improve your luck is another big thing. The point!
Make full use of JIULI178's demo function, and you can try almost all slot machines. Try to choose a richer reward mechanism, because you can win the prize no matter how you play, and if you get the number of free spins, the big winner is you!

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