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Deep Review of Fishing Games - Luckycola online

Do you know what is online fishing game? Not traditional fishing but fishing online. Come and see what is fishing game online and try it!

Deep Review of Fishing Games - Luckycola online

fishing machine gameplay:

Fishing Machine is a video game that originated in Japan, and then slowly became popular all over the world. In the beginning, the fishing machine is like a fishing game that is usually found in the game field. Whoever catches the most fish wins. Later, some people improved it to use “cannonballs” to attack fish. Different fish and different cannons have different rewards, which makes it more exciting and interesting to play, and has gradually become popular.

There are basically no rules in the JILI178 fishing machine game. As long as you catch fish, you can get corresponding points. However, it still requires a lot of practice. The angle of the shot, the type of fish and the weapons used are also very specific. The fishing machine can select the number of shells per shot, and there are several multiples of shells to choose from. The most basic are the 1x, 2x and 3x shells. It is very important to change multiple shells in time!
Fishing game principle:

There are two mechanisms in the fishing machine to ensure that the machine wins.

One is the rake, which is the handling fee that the platform must charge when a player loses all points. This is called a rake.
One is controlled by the game's currency inventory, assuming a machine's initial inventory is 100 coins

The pumping rate assumes that when the player tosses 100 coins, a certain percentage of the coins are removed; the game's currency inventory control assumes that the machine has a pre-set “initial inventory”, for example: a The machine's “Initial Inventory” is set to 100 coins. Player 1 wins 50 coins, and the game currency inventory remains at 50 coins. At this time, it is difficult to win; but if player 2 loses 200 coins, the game coins will be lost. Inventory is replaced by 250 coins. At this time, there is a high probability of winning the coins lost by the second player.

Fishing machines and slot machines are the same concept, to reach the jackpot for common players, because the machine will accumulate all the chips until it reaches the set jackpot threshold.

Fishing strategy:

Send points:
Regardless of the type of fish we are shooting, the shells are fired as parallel to the fish as possible, on both sides of the fish. Observe areas further away from the player's fortress, such as turtles, lantern fish, devil fish, etc. These fish swim quite slowly, adjust the angle of the wall and press continuously, usually all of them can be hit. If there is a bonus fish, you should also pay attention to the angle of attack, so that you can win the score continuously!
Check the time:
Large fish or golden turtles appear next to cannons in the game. Remember not to hit them, as this will just waste your cannonballs. The sharks that appear from the side of the screen along with some small fish should increase the firepower at this time. Go shoot and get points easily.
Master the changes in the school of fish:
According to people's hearts, when a large school of fish appears, they all want to shoot, but this time they have to hold back. Because the schools of fish that appear swim very quickly, it is easy to miss. Because of this, the bullets were wasted and the fish did not hit. At this time, we must take care of our energy and observe the changes in the fish school to shoot.
Test the water temperature first:
In general, it is recommended to use small cannons to shoot slowly before the spitting phase or good luck, after all, although small cannons are not good for fishing, do not waste cannons. When does it become an artillery attack? After you see that you can hit a lot of fish with the small cannon, you can launch a more violent attack! After playing for a while, if you find you can't catch any more fish, go back to the small canyon. The main point of the fishing machine strategy is not to be greedy, and only this kind of strategy can help you really win big money.

crack the fishing machine:

First of all, we need to know the working principle of jammers. Any type of video game is controlled by a computer program, and these fish jammers use radio waves to disrupt the original computer program. This principle is workable in principle.

However, the physical casino will set an alarm on the fishing machine to block these radio waves. When the machine receives the interference radio wave, the alarm will be activated, so the jammer theoretically harms the fishing machine in the casino. Useful, but in fact, you can't use it.
Machine fishing skills:

You must have good mentality and playing quality. Play with a strong mind and be good at waiting for opportunities; keep a clear mind, be patient, be careful, and remember not to be impatient, because you win other people's money, not other people's money.
Sharp observation skills. It takes a long time to observe, to observe how many days of a cycle the boss gives the fishing machine, to understand the working principle of each cycle, and to adjust the difficulty level. Be sure to understand the situation of the machine on the day, for example, what you need to know is the cycle and the estimated win or loss of the machine each day.
Be sure to learn to read the marks on the table. Learn to score and control points, because each fishing machine calculates the win or loss as a whole, not a position.

As soon as the novice arrived to pursue the thrill of fishing, he continued to fire artillery shells. The result is very inefficient. Many shells did not accurately hit the target, and the fish coins quickly ran out. We can do the math too. If you catch a shark, you get 10,000 fishing coins. Shooting 20 rounds of No. 500 shells in the air is equivalent to losing a shark. Usually a lot of people lose because there are too many empty cannons. , so be calm at the beginning, JILI178 It is recommended to start familiarizing with No. 50 guns, and slowly raise the turret when you feel like it.
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