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Online Electronic Slots Rebate Rate Formula

There is a basic consensus on how many hands to play (depending on the type of machine) to see if it pays, and if it pays a certain amount of points to play more hands and then see if how many points it pays to make a judgment.

This method is generally correct, but there is a drawback that it is not very accurate. Just because it touched more hands doesn't mean it won't make a bigger mark next time. Conversely, just because it releases more hands does not necessarily mean it will release a greater number of points. My algorithm only used 1 point to calculate the theoretical rate of return for the next round (or the current round) more accurately. Then you first have to prove it theoretically, otherwise it's just an estimate.

Luckycola online slots rebate rate algorithm.

1. The probability of winning in video slots:

The odds of winning for online video slot games are usually not very good. Casinos make money because they keep a certain percentage of their winnings. The remaining winnings not withheld will be lost to the players in the form of random odds. The odds of online slot games are based on a round of thousands and millions, which means that the outcome of each game cannot be predicted or calculated, and simply because a player wins big from in an online slot game today does not mean that something will happen. on a given day at the same casino, each win is a separate event.

Online slot games are profitable because they are programmed to allow players to win only a portion of their winnings. Online slot games are designed and tested to ensure they never lose money. Online video slots are designed to pay out 80% or more of total winnings, which means you can get up to 20% of your winnings from each online video slot game. However, not all online slot games are set to the same percentage, and the payout percentage built into the same game can range from 80% to 95%, as long as the versions are designed differently. However, since the different versions of these online slot games look the same, there is no way for players to know the payback percentages for individual online slot games. While it is possible to calculate the probability of winning and losing in general gambling games, online slot games do not provide the information needed to inform players.

2.Slot game speed (short playing speed):

Usually online slot games are played faster than other games, so people who like these things lose faster. Online slot games offer continuous gambling where players can bet up to 600 to 1200 times per hour.

3.Reel Weights:

Most gamblers are unaware that the reels of online slot games are weighted, so patterns of small wins appear more often than patterns of big wins. Casinos may not use unequally weighted dice or stack multiple cards on top of each other, but it is common for weighted reels to appear in online slot games, and most players did not know it. For those interested in learning more check out the article.

Dispelling the myths of the online slot game formula.

4.Uneven reels in electronic slots:

Uneven reels are those where some reels have fewer jackpots than others. In this case, the chance of two jackpots appearing at the same time is higher than three jackpots appearing at the same time. In this case, it is easy for the players to have the illusion that they are “quite close to winning”.

When the reels are spinning very fast, players seem to see all the patterns and think that they all have the same chance of appearing, which is not the case because they do not know that one of the reels is missing. winning pattern.

5.Fake winnings in electronic slots:

Fake wins are when players win less money than they put in. Although players generally lose, online slot games treat these moments as wins and play music to create an environment where players can easily get the illusion of winning.

6. Video Slot Machine Win by Margin:

A “close win” is when the jackpot pattern appears above or below the winning line, making it look like a close win. Most players truly believe they are about to win. The truth is, when you lose, you lose. Just because a pattern appears above or below the winning line does not mean that players will win the jackpot anytime soon.

However, studies have shown that “close wins” give players an incentive to continue betting because they think they will “win soon”. In Macau, casinos can legally program their online slot games so that “spread wins” occur twelve times more often than they would naturally.

7.Stop Button:

The “stop button” gives the player the illusion of control, but in reality the button has no effect on the outcome. Once the reels start spinning, the outcome is determined and the game is over. In other words, when the player presses the button, the winner is already determined, but the result is only shown after the reels have spun for five to six seconds.

8. “Token” versus slot machine “currency”:

Once players put money into an online slot game, the money automatically becomes a token, and while players focus on how many points they have left, they often forget how much they actually bet. . This can cause players to “overspend”. Players need to convert their tokens into currency to find out how much they actually spent. In Macau, many online slot games show the total amount bet, but the position and size of these cards are difficult to see.

9. Small Wins in Video Slots:

When playing online slot games, players may experience frequent “small wins”. These “small wins” are not enough to make up the total amount lost, and the winnings are usually re-betted in the game, for example, players start with $100 but end up betting more than $100 because they keep betting money they recover from "small wins". Like a “false win” that gives players the illusion that they are doing better than they really are. In the same way, players who experience "small wins" can easily become delusional and believe that continued gambling will make them win the jackpot. In fact, continuing to play will often earn them more money. In contrast to the average person who stops gambling after hitting the jackpot, “small wins” encourage players to continue gambling.

10. Did you know that players can bet three dollars per game on “one line” online slot games? This is because in a “multi-line” game, players can choose to bet on more than one line at a time. Usually, online slot games themselves encourage players to make “multi-line investments”.

Online slot games are one of the most popular and possibly the most harmful forms of gambling in the world. There are approximately tens of thousands of online slot machines in Taiwan alone.

When it comes to gambling problems, players often focus on gamblers, but more importantly, the games themselves can also lead to various gambling problems. Take online slot games for example, the fast pace of the game and the design of the graphics that promote the illusion often trick players into thinking about online slot games and create problem It helps if online slot players are aware of the risks associated with these designs.

The scoring method requires that the theoretical payback rate must reach a minimum payback rate (eg, a fixed payback rate of 75%) in each expected base game round when the player is consistently same with a non-linear payout minimum bet.

Example: suppose a new machine, its rate of return is that set to 80%, the first person plays the first round (assume 100 hands), it eats 1000 points and puts 700 points, only reaches 70%, the second person comes to play the second round ( suppose 100 hands), it eats 1000 points and puts 900 points, then the theoretical rate of return reaches exactly 80%. That means, when your opponent loses, the player after you still loses. However, if the first person plays the first round (assuming 100 hands), it eats 1000 points and releases 500 points, which only amounts to 50%, and the second person plays the second round (assuming -assuming 100 hands), it eats 1000 points and should release 1100 points, then the second one should win, right?

The program is not like this, the actual situation is: for example, the first person playing in the first round (assuming 100 hands), it ate 1000 points, put 500 points, only reached 50%, the second person is playing in the second round when the program called the number of hands in the second round can be 200 hands, it ate 2000 points and put 1900 points, so that the total number of points eaten in 2 rounds is 3000 points, the total number of points issued is 2400 points, the return rate is 80%. However, when the person in front of you loses, the person playing after you still loses. Only in the first round the return rate is so low in the case of the last round that high scores appear.

Therefore, when testing the machine, you should play two rounds with one point. To guarantee the chance of winning by playing a machine with a high theoretical rate of return, it is recommended that you only play a full line of 1 point when you try to get a high theoretical rate of return. The engine score is related to the number of engine lines (20, 25, 50 line models), meaning the more lines, the deeper the engine limit, the higher the score.
Electronic slot machines according to the current situation to play:

If a 20-line machine plays 400 hands with 1 point and doesn't get 4,000 points (or doesn't get two 2,000 points in quick succession) or more, give up. This is a machine with a low theoretical rate of return. If you get 4,000 points (or 2 consecutive 2,000 points) or more, play another 30 or more hands with 1 point, starting with the 40th hand up to 200 hands and playing 20 lines with 1 points until you get 4,000 points (or 2 consecutive 2,000 points) or more.

The 25 line (25 points for a full 5 line Fortune machine) machine is played with 1 point for 500 hands, and if you don't get 5,000 points (or if you don't get 2 in a row 2,500 points ) or give up. If you get 5,000 points (or if you get 2 consecutive 2,500 points), play 40 more hands with 1 point, starting at the 50th hand up to 250 hands with 25 lines and 1 point until you get 5,000 points (or if you get 2 in a row 2,500 points).

If a 50-line machine plays 1,000 hands with 1 point and doesn't get 10,000 points (or doesn't get 2 consecutive 5,000 points), then give up. If you get 10,000 points (or if you get 2 consecutive 5,000 points in a row), you play another 90 or more hands with 1 point, starting from the 100th hand to the 500th hand and playing of 50 lines with 1 point until you get 10,000 points (or if you get 2 consecutive 5,000 points in a row).
Summary of electronic slot machines:

Online video slot games have been successfully transformed into online games because they naturally suit the requirements of online gaming. Online, players can choose from a wide range of games that offer higher profits, while casinos have lower win rates. Players will also find the most rewarding online slot game jackpots online, often winning hundreds of thousands of dollars in a single jackpot. If players are looking for the best online slots casino, just choose luckycola online casino, they all offer generous sign up bonuses and huge progressive jackpots.

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