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Strategy of Playing Fishing Games - OKEBET online

Always lost while playing fishing games? See how professionals play and win in fishing games.

Strategy of Playing Fishing Games - OKEBET online


Fishing machine is a simple and easy to use shooting game. The main gameplay is to exchange bonus cannonballs to shoot. After the fish is exploded, each fish will give a different bounty according to the size or color of the fish. As for how to get out of the group of players Hitting the tap requires a lot of skill in the game. How to pick a target fish every time, OKEBET will tell you here.
Fishing game tips:

Points that can be used as an engine for you are usually very close to the fort, such as lanterns, devils and turtles. These fish swim quite slowly, and shells are almost always hit. However, even though some fish are very close, they are really very hard to hit. For example, the large beetle should not be attempted to hit unless you vomit slowly; for sharks, it depends on the situation. Slow down if there are a lot of small fish. Follow the direction and turn on the machine gun mode to shoot wildly. This technique is suitable for some fast swimming at times. The chances of winning this shot are very high. It should be noted that if it is a group of large, fast-moving fish, it is recommended not to waste shells on the attack, and wait for these fish to pass before starting to fight.

After learning to judge the cycle, it is necessary to understand which part of the fish is easy to hit, and understand the weaknesses of that part of the fish, so that it can be said to be more powerful in the spitting stage, like the turtle, its head and shell are not easy to hit, its legs and tail are its weakness, easier to attack from the side and back; with lanternfish, its head and tail are not easy to hit, so it is recommended to hit the gill position; the shark, the head, body and tail are not easy to hit, so it is recommended to fish the gills and the front and rear fins. Regardless of the type of fish you catch, guns should be as close to the fish as possible, and not shot or chased.
Fishing machine game strategy:

In the fishing machine game, you have to pay attention to the position of the surrounding fish. It is often encountered that the fish you want to catch cannot be caught, and sometimes nearby fish will block it. It is recommended to use a small cannon when shooting small fish. Schools of fish and large fish use cannons, and fish that are too far away choose to surrender so that the cannons are not wasted. Another strategy is to guess in advance, because the fish is moving and needs to know where it will swim before launching the shell. The position of the shell changes before it arrives. It can be mastered with a lot of practice. Recommended to come.

After a period of time in the game, the difficulty gradually increases, and higher level fish like sharks also appear. Be sure to pay attention to the cannon that covers the middle part of the shark, so that the probability of scoring the game is quite high. However, the consumption of shells in this way is quite large, but in general, the income is greater than the expenditure, which can ensure the quality and quantity of extraction. If you can't hit a few shots in front, you need to pay special attention. This time, you don't have to hit the back when you're here to get points.

In addition, it is worth noting that there are “energy cannons” in the game, you only need to accumulate a certain amount of energy when firing ordinary cannons, and this “energy cannon” is best to wait until big fish like Jin. Chan or Green Toad Use it after exiting, it has a higher chance of using the energy cannon to kill the big fish. The last thing is to learn a lot of other people's skills and become good at thinking and summarizing, learning other people's analysis of the principles of fishing games, and thinking about gameplay and skills in fishing OKEBET hopes that players will enjoy this beautiful and exciting game!
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