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8 secrets about casinos

Why is gambling so attractive? Is it because of the thrill? Or is it because you can make money? Everyone has different answer, but if you are a player who wants to make money in the casinos, you must know the following things regarding the casino and online casinos.

The reason why casinos can provide generous bonuses to attract players is because through mathematical calculations, casinos can have an advantage of 20-30% more than the players. This is "House Edge". Through this advantage, it ensures that the banker can win under the long-term gaming, and then banker provides generous bonuses to attract players.

On the other hand, the longer the gambling time, the more likely the player will lose money, but the winning or losing of gambling is not a fixed result, you never know that you will win the jackpot in the next bet or not. This is why the gambling is so fascinating. After all, the "House edge" is based on the statistic results of long-term and big data.

In legal casinos, neither you nor the banker knows what the next result will be. Although the casinos have the house edge, you still have chances to win, and you can walk away with a huge bonus after won the jackpot. The most important thing is, they can't stop you from walking away with your money.

So if you plan to play games in a casino, please remember to choose a legal and trustworthy casino or online casino. JILI178 tells you the following methods, let you know the secrets of the casinos and win as much money as possible.

1. The suitable bet amount

The first mistake that new players are most likely to make is unsuitable bet amount. Whether playing slot machines, fishing machines or others, please carefully consider your cost or budget. This budget cannot affect your real life. Responsible gambling is the key to winning and getting rich.

When you start to play the game, try your luck today with the least money! When you know that your luck today is good, after losing few times in a row, you can slightly increase the bet amount for the coming bets. It can let you get much money when you win and then cover your lost before.

Tip 1: You should bet the smallest amount when you lose, and bet with a larger amount when you win.

Tip 2: Set up the profit point and loss point. You should leave the table or drop your mobile when the point has been reached.

2. Promotions

There are dozens of casinos and online casinos in the Philippines, you can always find one that offers free credits or a generous bonus with deposit, allowing you to place bets at the lowest cost. But either way, you must fit some conditions before claim bonus.

Tip 1: JILI178, okbet, luckycola, betso88, 1asiabet, jilibet all provide free trial and deposit bonus for players to experience the game

3. Only play games with reasonable bonuses

Many professional players will tell you to play blackjack or baccarat, try not to choose roulette or slot machines. They are right, because if you are an experienced player, you know when to call off and when to keep going. Thus, your chances of winning are indeed relatively high. On the contrary, if you don't know how to play baccarat, then you should choose slot machines and fish machines instead of baccarat.

Slot machine manufacturers usually provide the data called "Return to player rate(RTP rate)". For example: when you bet 1 dollar each time, and you bet 100 times, you can get back 90 dollars, then the RTP rate of this slot machine is 90%. Compared with baccarat and blackjack, you can win more money if you don’t understand the rules of the games

Tip 1: JILI178 provides slot and fishing games that are all with 96~98% RTP rates.

4. Relax and play game

In the casinos, they always try to interfere you and let you make wrong decisions, so only gamble when you are relaxed mentally and can make wise decisions. Online casinos do not have this kind of distraction to players, so choosing online casinos is a smart decision. Besides, normally when peoplo at home, they alwasy feel relaxed.

5. Compare Casinos

Whether you are in a physical casino or an online casino, please carefully understand the rules of each gaming table or machine, choose the casino that is most beneficial to you, and then win money smartly. In the Philippines, many players like to play games at the JILI178 online casino. It has the lowest betting amount in the Philippines, and there are also high-stakes gaming tables that provide players with challenges and generous bonuses

6. Avoid playing with local players

If there are familiar players at the table, then you should avoid spending time with them. Those familiar players are usually very good poker players, not casual players, if you are not a professional player, then it is best to choose to play against casual players

7. Don’t play jackpot games

If you are not a very lucky guy, never choose a game that requires extra betting to win the jackpot. Choose games that can win the jackpot without additional betting. After all, those accumulated bonuses come from the money lost by the players, not from casinos. The amount of bonus on it means that the players have lost so much money.

8. Gambling is a leisure activity

After reaching the loss point or profit point, please stop playing the game. Gambling is just a leisure activity. Enjoy the fun of the game and then take your moany, go eating, drinking and enjoy!

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Amazing! These are what I need, thanks JILI178 guys

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