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Fortune Gems - Top Three Hottest Online Slot in 2023 at JILI178

"The mysterious Garuda is the symbol of luck, which will bring you unlimited amount of wealth. When Garuda appears on the whole reel face, you will win jackpot prizes" Quoted from JILI Games Official

Type of game: Slot

Publish Time: 2021

Highest Multiplier: 375X

Special features: 3x3 reel face, 5 lines, Get multiplier for each winning, Whole reel face reward available

Supported platforms: Windows, Android, Mac, HTML5


Fortune Gems is a traditional type of online slot, the gameplay is very simple, you get 3 the same symbols in a line (horizon line, slash line or back slash line), you win. There're different rewards by different symbols, there's also a Garuda symbol means wild card. Any symbol plus Garuda symbol, you win.

Advanced Gameplay - Extra Bets

In FORTUNE GEMS, you can enable the extra bets. The wagers would be little higher, but the bonus also be more higher.

High Multiplier Game

FORTUNE GEMS is a high multiplier slot game. Except the basic winning way, there's a multiplier game behind. For example, you got a 3 symbols in a line, you won ₱20. If there's 3X shows up. Your reward will time 3, it becomes ₱60 this round. It makes FORTUNE GEMS really exciting and a chance to win big.


One of my friends has been playing online slots many years. He shared his winning tips with me recently. He said: just like play slot machine in a land-based casino, the first thing is to find out which machine will hit the jackpot. Once you find it out, play it with patience until hit the jackpot.

But how to do it from an online casino? It's easy, choose an online slot you like, bet the minimum wager and play 10 rounds. If the winning times more than loss, then you can keep playing. If the loss times are more than winning times, leave and choose other slot machine.

How To Make Money From Online Casino?

I guess all of you want to know how to make money from online slot. My friend told me: You can earn pocket money from them, but not the jackpot. You should focus on little prizes not the jackpot. Only the man blessed by God can win the jackpot, and it's uncontrollable. So keep focus on little winning instead of jackpot.

Set up the profit point, like 25% or 50%, it depends on your budget. Cerebrate every win even if it's very small.

Choose a reputable online casino is very important. Never play games from an online casino which let you borrow money, never and forever. Always choose the reputable and trustable online casino like JILI178. You can play free trial by the free trial from JILI Games (Click here to play free trial) first. Then, you can deposit little money to play games if you like FC178. Third, you always can apply a withdrawal after you win.

Never play gambling games from the casinos allow you to lend money from them. Trust me, this will make your life miserable.

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