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Play Crazy Pusher on Jili178

Crazy Pusher

is a novel dozer game featuring an exciting experience with joyful circus elements and bonus. The world-wide popular game coin pusher is now in a crazy version!

Game Rules:

Spend BET to shoot at Purple Balls

Pass a ball through a slot to earn the corresponding reward.

Going through a Blue Ball slot will shoot free Blue Balls from the Blue Cannon.

Going through a Ticket slot will earn you the indicated bonus coins.

Going through a Golden ball slot will shoot a Golden ball on the Stage from the Red Cannon.

Go through the same type of slot 5 times in a row to start Show Time, giving you a chance to get Star Balls and its Jackpot!

Show Time

When a Ticket Show Time starts , the turret hands will activate, throwing 2 free Blue Balls in addition to the normal Purple Ball. If any Blue Balls go through a Ticket slot, the reward is half that of a Purple Ball. All Blue Ball slots are deactivated, and the Golen Ball slot becomes a Star Ball slot instead.

When a Blue Ball Show Time starts , all Ticket slots are deactivated, and the Golen Ball slot becomes a Star Ball slot instead.

Special Rule

After going through a Blue Ball slot, one Blue Ball light will turn on, and one Ticket light will turn off, if any are already on. The same rule applies for going through a Ticket slot.

Balls earn rewards based on the color of the roulette hole it falls into.

Star Ball

Get the corresponding multiplied rewards below the ball based on the Roulette Hole color.

If the Star Ball falls into a gray hole, you earn 1 Golen Ball, but no rewards.

Golden Ball

Golden balls have 4 levels of rewards for each color. Each color gains a level when a Golden ball falls into it. The gray hole gives no rewards and has no levels.

Golden Balls earn rewards based on their color level, as shown above. Godlen Balls will return to level 1 after the level 4 bonus has been earned.

Free Turntable Game
  1. Players will accumulate energy when they launch. After the energy is full , click on the energy bar to start the free turntable game.

  2. The energy will be converted according to the bet ratio. When the turntable is turned on, it will be calculated according to the current bet. After the turn is completed, the corresponding bonus rate will be obtained, and the energy will be given randomly for the next use.

  3. After the player leaves or the game is disconnected for 24 hours , the energy will be cleared.

  4. After 3 minutes of energy accumulation, the system will automatically use.

Lucky Ball

  1. Each time the player places bets , there is a chance to trigger "Lucky Ball" with a random multiplier.

  2. When the player pushes off a "Lucky Ball", the player gets a prize that is their bets x the multiplier .

  3. If the player exits the game or changes bets , the "Lucky Ball" that do not been pushed off are withdrawn.

Jackpot System

  1. There are Super Jackpots and Lucky Jackpots.

  2. The chance of triggering Super Jackpot or Lucky Jackpot for each bet.

  3. Basic multiplier: Super Jackpot= bet * 500, Lucky Jackpot = bet * 100; additional accumulated value is calculated separately.

  4. The jackpot will be displayed and obtained according to the current betting decision.

Play "Crazy Pusher" now on Jili178!

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Feb 08, 2023

wow interesting! I wanna play it!


Feb 08, 2023

helpful! thanks.

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