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Know the Slot Machine and Crack it!

Let's understand the slot machines and beat it!


Speaking of [slot machines], everyone should be familiar with it! Anyone who has been to a Macau casino knows that this is a very popular machine game. Its original name was “Slots Eating Tigers”. “Slots” means coins, because the winning rate is not high. It is called a Slot machine.

The gameplay is to put money into the machine, turn the lever, and different patterns will appear randomly on the screen. When it stops, if it matches the connection of the same or a specific pattern, the coins will be lost according to its probabilities. So as long as you hear the sound of clanging in the casino, it means that someone has won the jackpot.

Its history dates back to San Francisco in 1896, when a man named Charles Fey successfully built the first commercial slot machine in his machine shop. The body is made of cast iron, with three reels inside and a coin slot and a lever outside, which is the prototype of a slot machine.

The slot machine has been the most popular casino game since it was invented, and it has become the most popular casino game. With the rise of digital electronics, the slot machine has also evolved to work with an electronic screen and a random data generator ( RNG). of electronic game consoles.

The online slot machines launched by JILI178 are full of innovations and gameplay, and pay more attention to beautiful pictures and gorgeous special effects. For players, playing online is very convenient and quick to earn money, but remember what I called before, choose a reputable, safe and reliable JILI178 so you don't get cheated!
Slot machine design principle:

Many people think that slot machines are random and everything depends on luck. However, its program is also written by programmers. As long as it is designed by humans, there will always be holes. It depends on whether the player can hold the key and find the gap bit by bit.

There are three types of plug-in programs for slot machines: [Eat Time], [Spit Time], and [Transition Time]. The [eating period] eats a lot and vomits a little, the [spitting period] eats a little and vomits a lot, and the [transition period] is an alternate conversion between the two stages. There is no fixed pattern to blow, and the time is relatively short.

Observe for a period of time, and after understanding this rule, you can decide on the betting strategy based on logic when placing a bet. If it is judged that the slot machine is already in [Eating Installment], do not press first, because the eating installment eats a lot and vomits a little, and the possibility of losing anything is very high.

Wait until the end of the [Eating Period], and the rules of the [Transition Period] are not easy to understand, just give up, wait and see, and wait until you see the dawn of the [Spit Period], and then can begin to act. At this time, press it a little, and the probability of winning is quite high. high. But be careful when programmers write programs, there will also be situations of [click kill] and [point spit].

Although it is [spit staging], the result of placing a heavy bet and being [clicked to kill] is dealing with this type of player who follows the rules and sees the opportunity to start over, which greatly increases the difficulty in slot machine games. . Although such cases are few, but be careful in sailing the ship for ten thousand years, and do not invest all the funds at once, so that the ship does not capsize in the gutter.
Slot machine cracking skills:

Fund control:

This is the most important thing: Never have more money than you can afford to lose!

Assuming you play for three days, you should divide all your money into three and bet only one each day. If you're out of quota now, that's enough and don't continue to overspend, otherwise it'll just fill a bigger hole.

Check out the possibilities:

Online slot machines will advertise that the winning rate is higher than others, but more attention should be paid to the odds!

Under both bonuses, choose the one that requires the smallest bet. Example: There are two slot machines, and the maximum bonus of both is 300,000. One of them is 10 yuan per slot, and you can bet a maximum of 3 lines (30 yuan ) one chance. The other is 5 yuan per slot. Bet up to 5 lines (25 yuan), then you must choose the second table to play.

Select the machine:

There are many types of slot machines online, and each model has different features. Choosing a good machine will affect the chance of winning money. You can refer to the following features:

Double the free serving once: When you hit a special combination, it will be given for free and pulled again. Not only can you move again for free, but the odds are often twice as high this time, increasing your chances of winning.

Jackpot Type: Pay attention to the rules, how much you need to bet at one time to get the full jackpot, and make sure you have enough funds to support the table for a long time.

Traditional single line: If there are two machines, one is traditional single line bet 20 at a time, and the other is four lines with 5 per line (full bet 20), then playing single lines slot game may be the best choice.


Slot machines are controlled by a computer chip with a random chance of winning (RNG). the more people play the machine, the more likely it will be. Easy to win.

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